Laura Duksta

We’re pleased to introduce #WomenInEnergy2017Conference Speaker: Laura Duksta

Laura Duksta is an Ambassador of Love, Inspirational Speaker & Author of New York Times Bestseller, “I Love You More”.

She is on a mission to generate the awareness of love around the world, by empowering YOU to shine! At 7 or 8 Laura had a vision that she’d one day travel the world, meet her brothers and sisters and share the message of love. After graduating from University of Maryland with a degree in Sociology she ‘wandered’ for while practicing ‘being social’ on Miami’s South Beach for 7 years. An answered prayer gifted her the idea for her first book “I Love You More”.

She self-published book initially and sold 180,000 copies landing her book in the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame, with various awards and honors. As well as, features in USA Today, Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, local and national TV, radio, magazine, blog, and podcast spots. Today she has more than 800,000 copies sold!

Laura delivers an inspirational program for all ages. She shares the power and freedom that comes from “being yourself”– a tough lesson she learned after losing all her hair at age 11 to Alopecia Areata… and so much more!

The #WomenInEnergy conference returns to Kingston, Jamaica- March 9-10, 2017!