Natalie Taylor Lue-Fung

We’re pleased to introduce #WomenInEnergy2017Conference Panellist:NATALIE TAYLOR LUE-FUNG

Natalie Taylor Lue-Fung, Chief Visionary Officer, Wealth Improvement Network comes to you with a wide range of life and professional experiences. After starting her career in the financial capital of the world, Wall Street working for Credit Suisse, she was able to leverage her experiences to work on major deals in the financial sector. Natalie later leveraged her senior public auditing experience with Ernst and Young to consult clients going public as well as government and major non for profit organizations. Some deals Natalie worked on include, the sale of Neuberger Berman from Lehman Brothers and subsidiaries by conducting “carve out” audit to determine appropriate sale price as well as the IPO for Tremor Media. Natalie also helped major audit and consulting clients such as National Australia Bank, Lehman Brothers, UBS Wealth Management, Banco De Chile and InterAudi Bank. Some of her smaller clients were Ralph Lauren, State of Maryland University system, Bowie State Foundation, National Association for Advance of Colored People, Inc. (NAACP), Partners For Democratic Changes, and Sojourner Douglas College, Inc.


Natalie is also certified Strategic Interventionist and Performance Coach who has been dubbed “Queen of Transformation”. She was trained under Tony Robbins, world renowned Success Coach and author of top best seller and Cloe Madanes, a Psychologist who is a leader in the field and written many books used to guide professionals. Dr. Madanes is also a world renowned innovator and teacher of family and strategic therapy.


Natalie launched her personal development business, Wealth Improvement Network (WIN) out of convenience to provide necessary support for her rapidly growing international team joining her home based businesses. She created and executed biweekly mindset and success coaching seminars ranging for groups between 300-1600 persons which was often lead by herself and other international motivational speakers and success coaches. Natalie’s WIN brand has since grown producing 4 workbooks and one journal to support the 4 coaching courses the company now offers online as well as live seminars. Natalie also developed Human Capital Development HCD Platforms that have created overwhelming success for companies with hundreds of millions of USD under management. This platform provides leadership and personal development programs, empowerment seminars and retreats specifically designed to address the underlying issues identified by client.


As a coach for corporate teams and personal clients, Natalie has worked with organizations to help redefine their culture, build trust across their organizations while increasing the buy in for the organizations’ vision and mission. She has also helped thousands to lift the limits from their minds and create new story lines about themselves which has led to many becoming financially free, experiencing spiritual growth, healing their most important relationships, launching new businesses successfully, becoming public speakers, as well as lose weight and experience fulfillment.


Natalie has also lead market expansion and business development strategies for 2 of the top multi-level market companies. This included growing their associate base to more than 20,000 individuals through various countries across the Caribbean, Africa and the United States. She also helped to create the sub-culture for both organizations in each market space while over seeing their entire local operations which included marketing, re-branding, brand awareness, brand equity, traditional and social media campaign services.


Natalie holds over 40 scholarships and awards including Wall Street Journal Business Student award. She has an Associates in International Business, Bachelors in Accounting and Finance and Masters in Marketing and Strategy and considered by the US. Government as a specialized Talent.


The #WomenInEnergy conference returns to Kingston, Jamaica- March 9-10, 2017!