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Laura Duksta

We’re pleased to introduce #WomenInEnergy2017Conference Speaker: Laura Duksta

Laura Duksta is an Ambassador of Love, Inspirational Speaker & Author of New York Times Bestseller, “I Love You More”.

She is on a mission to generate the awareness of love around the world, by empowering YOU to shine! At 7 or 8 Laura had a vision that she’d one day travel the world, meet her brothers and sisters and share the message of love. After graduating from University of Maryland with a degree in Sociology she ‘wandered’ for while practicing ‘being social’ on Miami’s South Beach for 7 years. An answered prayer gifted her the idea for her first book “I Love You More”.

She self-published book initially and sold 180,000 copies landing her book in the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame, with various awards and honors. As well as, features in USA Today, Miami Herald, Sun-Sentinel, local and national TV, radio, magazine, blog, and podcast spots. Today she has more than 800,000 copies sold!

Laura delivers an inspirational program for all ages. She shares the power and freedom that comes from “being yourself”– a tough lesson she learned after losing all her hair at age 11 to Alopecia Areata… and so much more!

The #WomenInEnergy conference returns to Kingston, Jamaica- March 9-10, 2017!


Ingrid Christian-Baker

We’re pleased to introduce #WomenInEnergy2017Conference Panellist:INGRID CHRISTIAN-BAKER

Ingrid Christian-Baker, is the General Manager for the Jamaica Private Power Company Ltd, an Independent Power Producer which sells electricity to JPS.  She joined JPPC in January 2009 as the Business & Administration Manager with responsibility for the financial aspects of the company, including major contract management, commercial issues and board reporting.

In August 2013, she was promoted to the General Manager position.    With this assignment, she became the first Jamaican, first female and first non-engineer to be given the responsibility to lead the company in its almost 20-year life.   She is quite at home in this male dominated environment as home is also male dominated – she is a proud wife and the mother of two boys.

Ingrid is a Certified Chartered Accountant and also holds a MBA in International Business from Mona School Of Business.  She is a proud alma mater of West Wood High School, an all-girls boarding School in Trelawny. She is currently a board member of the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce; as well as the Vice Chair for Professional Accountants in Business Committee of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica.

In her social responsibility programme at JPPC, Ingrid focuses the company on working mainly with schools and assisting children in the communities surrounding the plant Rockfort.  This done through initiatives such as lunch programmes, school facility upgrades and GSAT scholarships.  She is also a past director and current volunteer with Dress for Success Jamaica, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the economic independence of disadvantaged women in Jamaica.


The #WomenInEnergy conference returns to Kingston, Jamaica- March 9-10, 2017!



Natalie Taylor Lue-Fung

We’re pleased to introduce #WomenInEnergy2017Conference Panellist:NATALIE TAYLOR LUE-FUNG

Natalie Taylor Lue-Fung, Chief Visionary Officer, Wealth Improvement Network comes to you with a wide range of life and professional experiences. After starting her career in the financial capital of the world, Wall Street working for Credit Suisse, she was able to leverage her experiences to work on major deals in the financial sector. Natalie later leveraged her senior public auditing experience with Ernst and Young to consult clients going public as well as government and major non for profit organizations. Some deals Natalie worked on include, the sale of Neuberger Berman from Lehman Brothers and subsidiaries by conducting “carve out” audit to determine appropriate sale price as well as the IPO for Tremor Media. Natalie also helped major audit and consulting clients such as National Australia Bank, Lehman Brothers, UBS Wealth Management, Banco De Chile and InterAudi Bank. Some of her smaller clients were Ralph Lauren, State of Maryland University system, Bowie State Foundation, National Association for Advance of Colored People, Inc. (NAACP), Partners For Democratic Changes, and Sojourner Douglas College, Inc.


Natalie is also certified Strategic Interventionist and Performance Coach who has been dubbed “Queen of Transformation”. She was trained under Tony Robbins, world renowned Success Coach and author of top best seller and Cloe Madanes, a Psychologist who is a leader in the field and written many books used to guide professionals. Dr. Madanes is also a world renowned innovator and teacher of family and strategic therapy.


Natalie launched her personal development business, Wealth Improvement Network (WIN) out of convenience to provide necessary support for her rapidly growing international team joining her home based businesses. She created and executed biweekly mindset and success coaching seminars ranging for groups between 300-1600 persons which was often lead by herself and other international motivational speakers and success coaches. Natalie’s WIN brand has since grown producing 4 workbooks and one journal to support the 4 coaching courses the company now offers online as well as live seminars. Natalie also developed Human Capital Development HCD Platforms that have created overwhelming success for companies with hundreds of millions of USD under management. This platform provides leadership and personal development programs, empowerment seminars and retreats specifically designed to address the underlying issues identified by client.


As a coach for corporate teams and personal clients, Natalie has worked with organizations to help redefine their culture, build trust across their organizations while increasing the buy in for the organizations’ vision and mission. She has also helped thousands to lift the limits from their minds and create new story lines about themselves which has led to many becoming financially free, experiencing spiritual growth, healing their most important relationships, launching new businesses successfully, becoming public speakers, as well as lose weight and experience fulfillment.


Natalie has also lead market expansion and business development strategies for 2 of the top multi-level market companies. This included growing their associate base to more than 20,000 individuals through various countries across the Caribbean, Africa and the United States. She also helped to create the sub-culture for both organizations in each market space while over seeing their entire local operations which included marketing, re-branding, brand awareness, brand equity, traditional and social media campaign services.


Natalie holds over 40 scholarships and awards including Wall Street Journal Business Student award. She has an Associates in International Business, Bachelors in Accounting and Finance and Masters in Marketing and Strategy and considered by the US. Government as a specialized Talent.


The #WomenInEnergy conference returns to Kingston, Jamaica- March 9-10, 2017! 


Odetta Rockhead-Kerr

We’re pleased to introduce #WomenInEnergy2017Conference Panellist:ODETTA ROCKHEAD –KERR

 A senior executive in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) space with over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, OdettaRockhead-Kerr is the Country Head for Jamaica and Associate Vice President at Sutherland Global Services since its inception in Jamaica. Headquartered in New York and Established in 1986, Sutherland is the largest privately owned global provider of business process and technology management services, employing over 40,000 professionals globally in 60+ locations supporting 21 Languages, with 40% of its revenue generated by Fortune 50 companies.

Odetta spearheaded Sutherland’s entry into Jamaica establishing three Service Delivery Centers in the last 4 years (will be 4 by April 2017). The first location at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, where an award winning business model referred to as “earn where you learn” was established. In this model 700 of the 1,400 Professionals employed are students of the UWI. This model won notable awards and accolades from Frost & Sullivan, fDi Times and the United Nation. The second location is on Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston and the third at Ward Ave in Mandeville. At a growth rate of 1,000 Professionals per year, Sutherland Jamaica currently employs over 4,000 with a goal to grow to 10,000 in 3-5 years. These professionals consult on business processes for the retail, telecom, finance/ accounting and technology giants of North America and Europe.

While at Sutherland, Odetta has also led initiatives from a social responsibility perspective resulting in the buildout of three labs equipped with Trainers, located in Papine, Laws Street (Kingston InterCity) and Mandeville and launched successful programs that provide Microsoft Certification to young people at risk. To date, the program has graduated close to 2,000 underserved youths across the island with a commitment to employing or finding employment for at least 10%. Under her leadership, Sutherland Jamaica has also adopted the Holy Family Primary and Infant School where a fully outfitted computer lab with a Sutherland paid Trainer is provided as well as mentorship programs and sponsorship for sporting and related activities.

Prior to Sutherland, Odetta spent close to 15 years at a Fortune 500 company (ACS, now Xerox), 10 of those years in the capacity of Vice President managing Fortune 50 client portfolios with a value of over US$50M in annualized revenue. In this capacity she managed operations in Jamaica, Africa, multiple locations in the USA, India, Dominican Republic and multiple locations in Mexico. Not only was she one of the first non-expatriates and one of the first women to take on a leadership role at this level in ACS/Xerox, but she was also the first Vice President outside of North America, and, being just 25 years old at the time, the youngest. She also managed the single largest client that Xerox had at the time which was a North American Health Care giant.

Odetta serves as a Lay Magistrate (Justice of the Peace) for St. James and holds undergraduate and graduate level degrees in Business with an emphasis in Management and Marketing. An avid Interior Decorator, Karaoke Singer and Canvas Painter, she loves to laugh at herself and believe in living and not just existing. Driven by the belief that difficult things take long and impossible things take a little longer, Odetta is often heard using her favorite quote which is “vision without execution is hallucination”.

The #WomenInEnergy conference returns to Kingston, Jamaica- March 9-10, 2017!



Ethnie Miller Simpson

We’re pleased to introduce #WomenInEnergy2017Conference Panellist:ETHNIE MILLER SIMPSON

Ethnie Miller Simpson is the CEO of ZinergyINTERNATIONAL Group Ltd, a signature branding, learning & development company, focused on innovatively branding people, places and things.With over 19 years building human capital in Jamaica and the Caribbean at all levels, Ethnie is building personal and corporate brands using the latest methodology of DNA Branding which significantly aligns the strategic and learning goals of companies and people.  Her love for agriculture has yielded a recent creation, ZinergyFoods: a produce distribution company.

Ethnie Miller Simpson is:

  • A Fellow of the FORTUNE/ US State Department Women’s Global Mentoring Programme – spent time at FORTUNE 500 companies, Google, Walmart, Time Warner and Porter Novelli, where she participated in the McCormick Flavour Forecast, Quaker Oats and Pepsi pitch
  • A Fellow of Cherie Blair Foundation
  • Successful participant in the Clinton Global Initiative (2012) as a panelist alongside Luis Alberto Moreno, President of the IADB and Gayle Lemmon from the US Council of Foreign Relations
  • Evaluation Consultant with the IDB specifically focused on the resuscitation of the cocoa industry in Jamaica.
  • Certified trainer with Competency Based Economies through the Formation of Enterprise (CEFE).
  • President of the Women Entrepreneurs Network for the Caribbean (WENC) with responsibility for capacity building and President of the Jamaica Chapter
  • Post graduate work in International Relations and Psychology, Human Capital Development and Education – As a professional Ethnie has to date spearheaded the creation of two corporate universities (Digicel University and the NCB Corporate Learning Campus) and ensured the accreditation of corporate learning institutions for blue chip companies in Jamaica.
  • Lecturer in Career Development at the Mona School of Business, UWI
  • Avid tracker of global trends whether in business, learning, marketing, agriculture, pop culture or music – Ethnie uses all research gathered to assist small entrepreneurs to re-brand and grow their businesses.

The #WomenInEnergy conference returns to Kingston, Jamaica- March 9-10, 2017!



T’Shura Gibbs

We’re pleased to introduce #WomenInEnergy2017 Conference Panel Leader:T’SHURA GIBBS

T’Shura Gibbs is a passionate leader and advocate for customer service excellence with a reputation for going the extra mile.

In her present capacity as Director for Region West, T’Shura oversees 212,000 customers and 264 employees across six (6) parishes.  Her experience in customer service and operations management spans over twenty (20) years, most of which she spent in the airline industry across several Caribbean Islands. Of note is the fact that T’Shura is the only Jamaican to ever hold the post of General Manager for Avianca Airlines as well as the first Jamaican and the first female to head US Airways’ Jamaica operation, where a fivefold increase in flight activity was realized under her leadership.

T’Shura takes great pride in developing the talent she manages.  She gets vested in development and constantly seeks and facilitates opportunities for personal and professional growth and development.  Through a powerful, and effective, combination of encouragement, guidance, personal engagement and leadership by example she has successfully led her teams to deliver performance that is regularly recognized within the company.  Her leadership style has been described as tough, yet fair; caring, dependable and inspiring.  Whether in the capacity of cheerleader, teacher or collaborator, she believes in providing support but holding her team members accountable.

With her dedication to customer advocacy, service delivery and a keen appreciation for delivering on business targets and metrics, T’Shura is able to feed her highly competitive nature in a healthy way as she leads her team to successful performance against company goals.

T’Shura encourages inspired and expansive thinking; constantly pushing for improved solutions and innovative initiatives that will move the business forward. Under her leadership, Jamaica’s first Energy Efficient Smart Home was created and a cutting edge application built to improve system reliability.  She has been recognized as a pioneer in the use of technology and social media within JPS to service clients and keep customers informed with respect to key developments.  She is often recognized and commended for her accessibility and engagement during periods of crisis and was recently recognized by the Montego Bay Chamber of Commerce for her work in delivering outstanding customer service to the city.

She enjoys travel and is an avid reader of books on personal development and has served as keynote speaker at numerous events.  A native of Montego Bay and the proud mother of four remarkable children, T’Shura is a practicing philanthropist who believes in supporting, encouraging and mentoring youth as a path to a greater Jamaica and serves on the Operations Board of Junior Achievement Jamaica.

The #WomenInEnergy conference returns to Kingston, Jamaica- March 9-10, 2017!



Claire Alicia Nelson, Ph.D.,

Dr. Claire Nelson is Ideation Leader of The Futures Forum, a research and education consulting practice specializing in bringing the power of strategic foresight, and the discipline of sustainability engineering to challenges facing organizations and communities. She serves as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board of the World Future Review Journal, the Association of Professional Futurists, the World Future Studies Federation, and the World Future Society. Dr. Nelson is also an Expert on the TECHCAST Review Panel, as well as a member of the Board of the Sustainability Division of the Institute of Industrial Engineers, where she is engaged in efforts to establish ongoing training and certification in sustainability for working IE professionals.

Before establishing The Futures Forum, Dr. Nelson was a Senior Development Equity Specialist at the Inter-American Development Bank. Her thirty year experience of portfolio identification and development, technical feasibility studies and program management spans a variety of sectors including: public sector modernization, private sector development, community development, and trade development. She was a thought leader in promoting Strategic Foresight in development, organizing the Bank’s first Latin America 2020 Social Development Futures Seminar Series. She also pioneered the topic of development with equity at the IDB, and laid the foundation for the Bank’s portfolio in diversity policy lending and Black economic empowerment in Latin America. As a result of her leadership, she was honored with the IDB’s prestigious Ortiz Mena Award in 2010.

Dr. Nelson is a sought-after speaker, her engagements have included: US Air Force; Association of Blacks in Energy; Jamaica Stock Exchange; ASME; BET/CENTRIC; World Bank African Diaspora Outreach Forum; Women in Research Engineering Symposium; Black Engineer of the Year Conference; National Society of Black Engineers Conference; Women’s International Research Engineering Summit; Institute for Systems Sustainability Symposium and Technology; Congressional Black Caucus Legislative Conference; Harvard University Black MBA Conference; Prospecta Caribe (Colombia); Micro-Enterprise Conference, African Development Bank (Cote D’Ivoire); Leon Sullivan Africa Summit (Tanzania); and the CARICOM/Africa Union Conference in Barbados.

Dr. Nelson has served on numerous boards and committees including: American Association for the Advancement of Science Fellowship Review Committee; Fundacion UNIPOP, which links Universities serving Black Communities in Central America and the Caribbean; the African American Unity Caucus of the Constituency for Africa; and the US Department of Commerce US/Caribbean Business Development Council.

The founder of the Institute of Caribbean Studies, the leading Caribbean American advocacy organization, Dr. Nelson, who is an award-winning writer and storyteller, holds a Bachelors and Masters in Industrial Engineering from the SUNY at Buffalo and Purdue University respectively, and a Doctorate in Engineering Management from the George Washington University. She is distinguished as the first Jamaican woman to earn a Doctorate in an Engineering discipline, and graduated in the Top Five of her undergraduate class, as the only woman of African descent. The winner of many Awards for Leadership; and an Outstanding Alumni Award from Purdue University, School of Industrial Engineering, she was named one of Top 100 Women Futurists in the “Twitterverse”; and a White House Champion of Change in 2012.


Chorvelle A. Johnson

Chorvelle A. Johnson is President & C.E.O. of both PROVEN Wealth Limited and PROVEN Fund Managers Limited respectively; wholly-owned subsidiaries of PROVEN Investments and has played an integral role in their success to date. Since joining the team in October 2011, Chorvelle has been instrumental in assisting these companies in seeing marked growth in their customer base and they have continued to realize increased profits.

A results oriented individual who embraces competition, she develops and maintains strategies that carefully balance risk and rewards as a means of achieving targets and objectives. Throughout her career, she has held numerous Senior Management roles at First Global Financial Services, Scotia-DBG and Dehring Bunting and Golding Limited.

Chorvelle is Jamaica’s first International Women’s Forum Fellow for the period
2015-2016 where she studied Leadership at Harvard and INSEAD Business schools.

When taking downtime, she enjoys swimming, walking, playing and watching tennis, listening to music and experimenting with her vegan lifestyle by cooking and trying out new Vegan meals for her cookbook, Simply Vegan – The Jamaican Way. Chorvelle is currently Chair of the Public Education Committee for the Pension Fund Association of Jamaica, Secretary for the Jamaica Securities Dealers Association and Chairman of the Women’s Leadership Initiative – Jamaican Chapter.

The #WomenInEnergy conference returns to Kingston, Jamaica- March 9-10, 2017!